Property transfers: Vernon Hills home sells for $302,000

EDITOR’S NOTE: Content appears as it is provided in public records.


Vernon Hills


123 Brook Hill Lane, #1: Cynthia S Matta to Monal B Shah and Reena M Shah for $490,000 on Aug. 13


35 S Old Creek Road, #2: Thomas A Pritchett and Lori A Pritchett to Adam F Yorke and Elizabeth M Tobolt for $521,750 on Aug. 16


351 W Aspen Pointe Road: Vh Townho-mes LLC to Jodie Lynn Abrashkin for $302,000 on Aug. 14


321 Jefferson Court, #16: Gina A Caplan to Paul Kozem and Susan Kozem for $122,500 on Aug. 13


10 Crestview Lane, #11: Katherine M Landwer to Xiaoye Liu and Han Wu for $80,000 on Aug. 16


1101 Marlowe Place, #11: Tae Ho Lee and Hee Lee to Amy Patel and Bryan L Groot for $239,910 on Aug. 14


1263 Sarah Blvd: Paul Stepankovskiy and Sofiya Stepankovskiy to Uma Bellam and Suresh Bellam for $353,000 on Aug. 15


1402 Wentworth Court, #170: Pamela S Collins to James Chomko and Lorraine O’Chomko for $155,000 on Aug. 16


411 Shadow Creek Drive: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Michael Varner and Renee J Varner for $282,000 on Aug. 15


Long Grove


7289 Claridge Court: Ravenna East Long Grove LLC to Meritus Home Inc for $243,000 on Aug. 15


3915 Beaver Run Drive: Greenchoice Bank and Family Fed Svgs Il to Wojciech Mudryk for $112,500 on Aug. 13




1355 Orleans Drive, #1355: Matthew Jacobs and Abra Jacobs to Alex Rabinsky for $154,990 on Aug. 15


332 N Lakeshore Drive: Susan McGuire to Jun Chen and Yi Wang for $85,000 on Aug. 16


548 Norton Ave: Laura A Klappenbach to Adrian Parrish and Charity Parrish for $136,500 on Aug. 15


413 N Ridgemoor Ave: Ns13 Investment Inc to Miguel A Gonzalez and Maria D Castillo for $159,000 on Aug. 15


609 Blue Spruce Lane, #2: Cristian D Mitran and Keely M Mitran to Marcia Axelrad for $230,000 on Aug. 16


1282 Banbury Road, #2: Janek Villas to Jon Dawes for $170,000 on Aug. 16 


3559 Canton Circle, #2: Pulte Home Corp to Linda R Nelson for $348,605 on Aug. 14


1559 Valencia Way, #3: John Jasensky and Linda M Jasensky to Hee Soo Kim for $314,000 on Aug. 16


Hawthorn Woods


12 Seneca Ave W, #1: Brooks Fry and Thapanee Fry to Daniel Swenson and Misti Swenson for $451,000 on Aug. 16


2 Sunset Court: Marcin Czernicki to Alexander Bogatyrsky and Alina Rovner for $493,500 on Aug. 16


32 Lagoon Drive, #4: Violet M Poling and Susan M Krempel to Steven Martinez and Kathleen Martinez for $329,000 on Aug. 15


13 Empress Drive: Ibg Hawthorn Trails LLC to Hong Suk Yoon and Seung Hee Ha for $598,363 on Aug. 14




15290 W Apple Orchard Lane: Raymond Vandemerkt and Ellen Vandemerkt to Anna Bentkowski for $370,000 on Aug. 15


450 Village Green: Cherie R Geller Trust and Geller Cherie R Trust 06/18/2010 to Patricia D Frazin and Michael B Frazin for $575,000 on Aug. 16


60 Fox Trail: John L Belpedio and Merrill Belpedio to Jeyoung Jin for $630,000 on Aug. 13


4 New Castle Lane: Thomas G Weatherup and Kim A Weatherup to Cynthia Knudson for $342,000 on Aug. 16




271 Cypress Lane, #4: Edmundo Vega and Maria Luisa Martinez to Christian Lauzier and Julie Giasson for $374,000 on Aug. 15


305 W Golf Road, #8: Norman Triptow and Lorraine Triptow to Jennifer M Jones and Nicholas C Jones for $244,000 on Aug. 13


621 Saxon Lane, #9: Raymond E Allison and Carole L Allison to Clyde D Rosten II and Laura K Rosten for $445,000 on Aug. 13


713 E Glendale Road: Tammy Greenhill-Johnson to Eric Young and Ashley Young for $225,000 on Aug. 13


317 W Park Ave: David L Andrews to James L Grunst and Audrey L Davis for $253,000 on Aug. 15


319 Elm Court: Gail H Lindstrom to Richard Carani and Carol Carani for $335,000 on Aug. 14


Buffalo Grove


150 Pinyon Pine Court N, #15: Steven H Parker and Nancy L Parker to Zhongqing He and Junyuan Xiong for $560,000 on Aug. 13


2506 Palazzo Drive, #1: Steven D Brin and Sue E Brin to Jinlin Wang and Anny Firman for $256,000 on Aug. 14

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